The Dog

“Let’s go find some bones..!!”, Michael said.

I could only understand the words Let’s and go. He had that British accent, which was way too much for me aged eight.

Michael was my classmate, and there were only 3 or 4 guys in our class who could understand what he said. He used to live in our street. So I used to be the first one to accompany him on these trips.

We entered the ITI college ground and started walking towards the hills.

“There it is..!!”, he exclaimed.

It looked like a small stick to me. I told him the same thing.

“Nah..!! It’s a bone..!! Dog’s bone..” he replied, holding the “stick” in his hand.

“But it’s tiny”, I said.

“Some dogs are small…Little pups” was the reply.

We started walking. By now, I was convinced that it was a bone.

He stopped suddenly and picked up something. This time it looked like a white object. I went closer to have a look. This time I was sure that it was a bone.

I saw some tooth-like structures on the object.

“ It’s a jawbone. A dog’s jawbone”, he said.

He slipped it into his pocket and said: “ Let’s go back”.

We started walking back. He told me he had a nice name for his pet dog.

I don’t remember the name that he told.

“ You have a dog..??” I asked.

“Now I do”, he replied, taking the stick out from his pocket.



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