Steep Slopes

“Call me in the morning,” she said.
“At what time..?”, I asked.
“ Usual, at 4.”
“ Sure..but you should wake me up.”
“No, you should wake me up.”, she said.
“ Okay. This time I will…”
“Good Night,” she said around 10PM.
I placed the mobile phone back on the table so that no one would come searching for me to use that sole mobile in my home.

Well, back then, mobile phones were only used for talking and playing some games.

She picked up on the seventh ring.
“ So, as you requested, I woke you up.”, I said.
“ Yes, yes, You did. I’ll call you back in ten minutes.”
And so she did.
“ So…..How is your exam preparation going..?”
“ Ha..!! It’s going well, but I am not as studios as you. I’ll pass.”
“ That’s what you say all the time. But, the truth is you are more intelligent than I am…”, I assured.
“ You guys have a very tough curriculum. I’ve heard that you guys don’t have any previous question papers as a blueprint..!!”, I continued.
“ Yes, we don’t. But, you guys have..right..?”, she inquired.
“ Yes, we do. That is why we find it more straightforward than you guys. We just need to know the answers to the questions that were previously asked..!!”.

This, in a nutshell, was my whole preparation strategy for the exams.

“ I wish we also had to do the same thing. But, that isn’t the case right now.”, she said.
“ Yeah. But you are intelligent enough to do it.”
“ Whatever.!!.. I will have to dedicate more time to study.”
“ Yeah”
“ Then, We should be talking less… I could utilize my mornings for studying..”
“ Yes. I agree we should talk less, especially in the mornings.”, I said
“ We can continue our morning talks after the exams..!!”
“ Yes…Yes…We could do that”, she said

That was when the slope of our relation turned steeper towards negative.



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